Share the Harvest

Gardeners committed to donating fresh produce to those in need!
In 2015, we reached the milestone of 150,000 pounds of fresh produce donated to Metrocrest Services food pantry!

Here’s how it all works…

  • Adopt a Plot Gardeners grow produce and harvest it fresh for the Metrocrest Services food pantry each week.
  • Produce is sorted, weighed and recorded at each garden.
  • Volunteers from Metrocrest pick up the harvest and take it to the food pantry, where it is distributed to families in need.
  • Extra produce is distributed to the Coppell Senior Center.
  • Basic Cooking Instructions for most of the vegetables are distributed with the produce at the food pantry.

Bountiful Harvests include vegetables and fruits that are…

  • Grown, harvested and donated year round in our north Texas climate.
  • Grown without chemicals purely for sharing food with others.
  • High in nutrition with minimal handling or transportation.
  • Diverse and include heirloom and heritage varieties.

This program’s goal is to donate food to the needy. All gardeners agree to donate at least 80% of their harvest each week. The majority of our harvest goes to Metrocrest Social Services’ food panty and we also donate to the local Senior Center. Since our inception, we have donated over 150,000 pounds of fresh produce. We garden year round and keep track of our harvest each week. Our totals to date are:

1998 2,000 lbs.
1999 8,000 lbs.
2000 7,000 lbs.
2001 4,600 lbs.
2002 6,800 lbs.
2003 12,275 lbs.
2004 12,000 lbs.
2005 12,000 lbs.
2006 9,580 lbs.
2007 10,336 lbs.
2008 13,400 lbs.
2009 14,400 lbs.
2010 13,750 lbs.
2011 11,240 lbs.
2012 12,619 lbs.
2013 11,459 lbs.
2014 10,742 lbs.
2015 13,600 lbs.
2016 12,290 lbs.


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